Multi-Functional Cooking Fire Pit

Bring a warm hue to your garden and share stories around the fire with great company and delicious food. Experience dancing flames and a warm campfire without a shade of worry.

Exclusive Corten Steel Fire Pit

Create BBQ masterpieces for your friends and family to enjoy, or convert your fire pit into a garden table to gather around for a cuppa. The corten steel fire pit also keeps children and pets safe from accidental burns.

Like a Swiss Army Knife

Safe For Kids And Pets

Burn protection

The sides and rim of the fire pit only get warm, not dangerously hot, so even if your child or pet touches them, they will not get burnt.

Also, you can use the ring of the fire pit while cooking to freely and without fear put down your glass of wine or the spices you need while you grilling.

Perfect for BBQ Masters

As well as food lovers and storytellers

The best thing about having a fire pit is that you will be able to create incredible BBQ dishes to share with your friends and family. From grilled vegetables to succulent meat, the only limit is your imagination.

With a garden fire pit you can also become a storyteller – just like in the movies.

Great for Playing Games

Or sitting for a cuppa with friends

A Gardenvity fire pit is a garden feature that can easily make people fall in love with their garden. Similar to the design of an elegant living room coffee table, this decorated garden fire pit can be used in exactly the same way.

In fact, the surface of the fire pit table will be enough for more than just a couple of teacups – there is considerable space to even have a traditional afternoon tea – cakes and all!

Have a Question?

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