The Story of the Backyard Heroes

Let us share with you Gardenvity’s philosophy and ideas that inspire us to deliver the highest quality Wood Fired Hot Tubs directly to your doorstep.

Who We Are?

We – Gardenvity – are a team of professionals on a heroic mission to enrich your back garden experience with well-designed and functional products that enhance your life, while at the same time blending in harmoniously with your garden.

What We Aim for?

We strive to encourage people to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while doing the things they love most: relaxing and having fun with family and friends.

Together we can make those cozy evening gatherings even more exciting with a splash of water or a spark of fire!

How We Do It?

Refined product range. We offer only those garden hot tubs that have the best quality, price, and looks!

Durability & easy care. The high-quality materials and smart design solutions integrated into our products ensure they are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance, even in changeable British weather conditions.

Customer service.  We back up our promises with a 2-year warranty and offer free shipping throughout the mainland UK. If you have a question call us.

Why Trust Us?

Quality guarantee. We spent a long time trying and testing different materials and parts to ensure the highest quality. That is why all our hot tubs are backed by a 2-year warranty.

Smart design. Our products are carefully thought through to ensure your total satisfaction. They are space-saving and efficient.

European manufacturing. Our facilities are located in Lithuania and meet all EU labour, safety, and environmental requirements.

Now that you have got to know us better…

We invite you for a little peek around our production facilities to see how Gardenvity products are made.