Wooden hot tub base and location tips & tricks

We assume that the Gardenvity hot tub, your spot for overall wellness, is going to become pretty much a real property in your garden. Because of this, appropriate log burning hot tub base preparation is important, and it’s necessary to determine the right spot and prepare a suitable base beforehand.

Choose the right wooden hot tub location with safety in mind

Gardenvity hot tubs have the smartest integrated wood-fired heaters as a standard. This means, your hot tub will have a chimney. To adhere to general fire safety requirements the chimney is required to be kept at least ten feet (three meters) away from any flammable materials or buildings.

Any flammable objects or materials should not be kept close to the wood-fired heater. If you keep the hot tub on a wooden or a recycled PVC decking, do not neglect proper hot tub base foundation; you must protect the area around the heater door. While it will not get dangerously hot, a few sparks might still escape the heater when loading logs. Use tiles, sheet metal, sheet glass, or similar protection as a log burning hot tub base pad – just like you safeguard the wooden floor at a fireplace.

Your chosen wooden hot tub location will also affect the chimney draught, hence the combustion within the integrated heater. When placed in an overly calm nook in your garden, or too close to the trees or buildings, chimney draught might be too weak for proper functioning. In that case, you will need to get a 40-inch (1 meter) chimney extension that will fix the problem.

Also, when planning the right spot and doing the necessary log burning hot tub base preparation work, you should think about where you’re going to discharge the water. Odds are, you’ll want to simply water your lawn and garden plants generously. However, you don’t want to flood your or your neighbour’s garden. Consider connecting a hose to the drainage system and arrange this accordingly.

Ensure a stable surface of the necessary load-bearing capacity

A Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub will weigh approximately 4400lb (2000kg) when filled with water. As for the wooden hot tub base pad, the most popular options are to place it on concrete slabs, a wooden decker, or recycled PVC deck boards.

You’ll need to make sure the log burning hot tub base foundation is placed on an even and stable surface. If necessary, use levelling chips to create an even base, and then bring a level to measure how balanced it is.

In case you decide to place the hot tub directly on the lawn, we recommend doing some useful wooden hot tub preparation and covering the ground with an agrotextile cover to prevent vegetation growth under the tub.

Small details that will add to your hot tub’s longevity

The best option for a wooden hot tub base pad is a concrete structure, pavement slabs, or gravel. Such a base will ensure proper stability and favourable conditions for its wooden parts as they will not absorb moisture from the ground.

There are two more tips to help your wooden hot tub from rotting related to its placement.

1. Keep it lifted 4 inches (10cm) above the ground for proper air circulation, if placed on the lawn covered with an agrotextile cover. The easiest way to do that is by tucking 5 concrete slabs under the contact points of the tub. 

2. Ensure there is no thick flora around your hot tub by preparing an appropriate log burning hot tub base pad. Vegetation might hinder breathing for the wooden parts, and, in turn, promote decay.

Time to bring it in! 

We’ve discussed the basic tips and rules that will help you arrange a perfect spot in your garden for your Gardenvity hot tub to keep it safe and practical. You’ll be now ready to bring it in for the coziest soaks or family gatherings marked with joy and laughter!

Gardenvity white wood burning hot tub

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