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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a wood fired hot tub instead of an electric one?

There are a few reasons. One of them is that a wood burning hot tub is far easier to maintain and has pretty low running costs. All you have to do is simply drain the tub, clean it and the next time you want to use it, all you just have to do is refill it with water and heat it up.

It takes approximately 3 hours on average to heat up a wood burning hot tub, while it takes 12-24 hours to heat the same amount of water with an electric heater. Using firewood is less harmful to the environment, so it is an eco-friendly option, too. Lastly, as long as the site is stable, you can place it wherever you want.

How can I pay for my hot tub?

You can pay for your hot tub by Credit or Debit Card and PayPal. We also accept bank transfers. If you would like to pay this way please contact us.

How long will take for my hot tub to arrive?

We will deliver your hot tub within 1-4 weeks from the day of your order (ask for exact delivery time for your area).

What installation work is required for my wood burning hot tub?
There’s not much installation work needed. All you need to do is unpack the wood fired hot tub and place it on a stable, level, and even base that can bear the weight of the tub (a hot tub filled with water can weigh approx. 4400lb (2000kg).

A hot tub with an air massage system and/or integrated filter will need access to a power socket (220V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 10 amp, or more).

How long will it take to heat up the water in my wooden hot tub?

In summer, it will only take 1-2 hours to heat the water to the desired +39℃. In winter, you’ll need 3-4 hours to do the job.

Heating efficiency will depend on the weather, the initial temperature of the water inside, as well as your firewood choice. Read more on how to heat a wood fired hot tub efficiently.

How many people can fit in a Gardenvity hot tub?
It will always depend on your personal preferences when it comes to how much space you want to have around you when bathing.

In general, there are two sizes available when ordering a Gardenvity wooden hot tub – 180cm (5ft11in) and 200cm (6ft6in), which will seat 6-8 people (6 adults+ 2 children) and 8-10 people (8 adults + 2 children), respectively.

How does a wooden hot tub work?
It’s quite simple. Burning firewood in the heater warms the water, which then flows upwards pushing the cold water down and thus circulates continuously.
Do wood fired hot tubs need chemicals?
If the wood fired hot tub is used and drained after 1-2 uses, there is no need for chemicals. This is great for those that want to enjoy a relaxing evening bathing chemical-free. If you want to use the water over a longer period of time, a filtration system and chlorine-free sanitizers are needed.
Do wood burning hot tubs bubble?
A wood burning hot tub with an installed whirlpool SPA is run with electricity and the water does bubble. The air jets circulate the water, making the air bubbles rise from the bottom up.
Do I have to clean out my wooden hot tub’s heater frequently?
You don’t have to empty the wood fired hot tub’s heater out completely every time after use. It should work fine as long as there is enough room for the air to circulate and keep the fire going. Before cleaning out the ash, make sure the embers have cooled down and use a long-handled shovel to handle them.
Will there be a lot of smoke?
Once you light the firewood, some smoke will come out until the fire reaches the optimum burning temperature. As long as you’re using dry wood, not much smoke is produced, only enough to create a soothing atmosphere.
Can other solid fuels or types of wood be used?
No, it’s strongly advised not to use any other type of fuel or wood that is not firewood for your wooden hot tub. Dry firewood is generally better for the environment and gives the best results. Using any other kind of fuel can damage the heater.
Is there a maximum time I can spend in the wood fired hot tub?
Generally, it is best to keep it short – 15-20 minutes a session. If you’re planning on bathing a bit longer, be sure to stay properly hydrated so you don’t overheat. After a session, wait until you’re properly cooled down and only then go for another round, which should be a bit shorter than the first.
What is the ideal water temperature?
No matter what time of the year it is, we advise keeping the water in the wood burning hot tub at +39 °C as heating the water any higher can cause you to overheat, dehydrate and experience headaches. For those that have heart issues, you should avoid bathing in high temperatures.
How do I control the temperature of the water?
Every Gardenvity wooden hot tub comes with a floating thermometer. Use it to monitor the temperature when the water is heating. Once you reach +39 °C, simply stop adding wood to the burner. If the water is too hot, then add cold water with a garden hose or open the cover – with time, some of the heat will escape.
Is it easy to drain the water out?
Yes. Every wood fired hot tub has a standard, external water drain valve at the bottom of the hot tub next to the heater.
Should the water be drained after each use during wintertime?
Yes, you should drain the water after each use in colder seasons when the temperature is zero or below. Letting the water freeze can damage your wooden hot tub.
Do I need to change the water often?
If you do not plan on installing a filtration system in your wood burning hot tub it’s advised to drain the water every 1-2 uses/1-2 days. If it’s used often by multiple people (e.g. in a holiday cottage), then it should be changed after each use.
Are wooden hot tubs difficult to clean?
A wood fired hot tub is fairly easy to clean, and it’s advised to do it every time you drain out the water. To cleanse the interior, it’s enough to use a mild detergent, soap, or pool cleaning products, except those that have chlorine. Avoid brushes or any other hard instruments that could scrape or damage the fiberglass surface.

While the interior is still wet, wipe it with a soft sponge and once you’re done, rinse it well with a water hose and make sure you don’t miss any places. Then drain the water away completely.

To remove any dirt from the wooden hot tub’s exterior, we recommend using a mild detergent and a soft sponge, too. As with the interior, don’t use any instruments that could damage the exterior and rinse it off with a garden hose when you finish.

Do I need to treat the outside of my wood fired hot tub?

No, the exterior of your wood burning hot tub doesn’t need any extra maintenance as it is made from thermowood, which is already treated thermally. Over time, the surface of the wood will become greyish as all-natural wood does. If you wish to maintain the original Thermowood appearance, treat it with transparent paint containing some brown pigment.

What is Thermowood?

It’s heat-treated timber. The moisture and resin in the wood are completely dried out during the treatment, making it highly resistant to all kinds of weather and temperatures. Our wood fired hot tubs are made with a Scandinavian thermowood finish so they are suitable for outdoor use all year round.

Does the wooden hot tub fade over time?
Yes, as all-natural wood does, the surface will gradually fade to a greyish colour, which looks pretty charming. If you want to maintain the original colour, you can paint your wood fired hot tub’s exterior with transparent paint that has brown pigment in it.
What is the best type of firewood to use?
To efficiently heat the water in your hot tub, we recommend using dry firewood. Mix softwood, such as pine or fir, with hardwood, such as oak or beech, in equal amounts.
What should I do with the ash?
Once they are cold, the ashes can be safely disposed of in a bin. When mixed with soil, it is also a great compost for your garden.